Gears of War 2 Rankings Calculator and Experience Chart

The first accurate GOW2 experience system level chart and experience calculator.

Important notes...

  • The calculator and table are 100% accurate and confirmed by many sources.
  • The in-game expereicene was permanently doubled in 2009. The default experience multiplier is 2x.
  • When a 10x event is on, it is 10 times the original experience, ie. 5 times the current default.
  • You can select what multiplier you wish to apply to the calculator by using the drop down top right.
  • Level 100 cheaters originally posted the value for level 100. This was incorrect and infact the amount needed for level 101.
  • This site is kept up to date and all events are added to the system.

The in-game ratios

Your points are taken at the end of a match and multiplied by a ratio to calculate your experience gained.

  • Annex: score x 0.23
  • King of the Hill: score x 0.25
  • Submission: score x 0.38
  • Guardian: score x 0.7
  • Execution: score x 0.98
  • Warzone: score x 1
  • Wingman: score x 1.18

Annex was lowered from 0.26 around 24th May.
Guardian was lowered from 0.91% around 24th May.
Submission was lowered from 0.49.
Wingman was raised to 1.10 from 1.09

About this site

As soon as the Title Update 3 patch came out for Gears, work went into working out the requirements for each level.
It took me two days to perfect the current algorithm (26 March 2009). The algorithm was adjusted in August 2009 to include a conditional argument for Level 80 to adjust it by 1 exp - this makes the entire chart 100% accurate!

The site was first posted in the Epic Games forums by myself - which other people quickly spread to many more sites. Now thousands either link to or refrence this site in some way! Drawing in 40,000 visitors in just the first 4 months alone!

This site was the first table in the world to publish the numbers everyone now took/takes to be the true requirements. 'Nolestrumpet' over at the Gears official forums also published a very similar theory on the 26th March. His theory helped strengthen my confidence that my algorithm was correct, thanks! He later corrected his own numbers when players confirmed my table was correct.

How does it work?

A mathematical algorithm (created on 26th March 09) generates the values of each level every time you visit the site. It is not a static list of values. When requested, the system also calculates the difference between two levels.

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Want to know even more?...

Title Update 4 (TU4) Changes

TU4 brought experience to Horde mode.

Players gain experience once a wave of Horde has been completed.
On the 10th July 09, the exp for completing Horde waves was doubled permanently. Below is what you now get.

  • 100 exp. for completing a casual wave.
  • 150 exp. for completing a normal wave.
  • 200 exp. for completing a hardcore wave.
  • 250 exp. for completing an insane wave.

The formula

A mathematical algorithm (created on 26th March 2009) generates the values of each level every time you visit the site. It is not a static list of values as some have suggested.
The said system also calculates the difference between two levels. If one level is wrong - they're all wrong. And as none are wrong so far... well, you do the math!

Relation to Pascal's Triangle

It is true each level is based apon the level previous to it (a little like Pascal's Triangle) - this is why there is no general formula for an independant level (you must calculate all previous first).
However if you have read Pascal's Triangle was used to calculate the figures - this is not true. I do not use this matematical process to calculate the numbers.

The double XP weekends

The double XP weekends came out not so long after the 'how long' feature was made public. Some have suggested this is Epic's Response to gamers realising how long it will take and giving up. If it is or not, I don't know! :)

Doubled Horde EXP values

Once I had introduced horde calculations into my calculator people started complaining and discussing on the Epic forums about how long it would take, etc. Just 1 or 2 days after this, the game developers doubled the Horde exp. Another possible case of my calculator changing the course of gears 2?

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