Gears of War 2 Rankings Calculator and Experience Chart

Experience Chart: Gears of War 2 Level 15

« 14

3,355 exp. higher
than Level 14

16 »

3,656 more exp.
for Level 16

Level 15

Total Experience Required 27,780 [confirmed]

Level 100 progress: 0.41%

This is roughly:
Killing 93 people in Warzone, or...
Killing 95 people in Execution, or...
Killing 79 people in Wingman, or...
Scoring 19,843 points in Guardian, or...
Scoring 60,392 points in Annex, or...
Scoring 36,553 points in Submission.

Horde (TU4)

Completing 139 waves on Casual, or...
Completing 93 waves on Normal, or...
Completing 70 waves on Hardcore, or...
Completing 56 waves on Insane.

Or a combination of the above. Have fun!

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